How to Find Jobs in Blockchain Technology Companies?

As more people realize the endless applications of the blockchain technology, the demand for blockchain talent has exploded. As a consequence, postings on Linkedin for jobs in blockchain technology companies have tripled in the past months. Another report released by AngelList indicates that cryptocurrency and blockchain job posting increased by more than 100 % in the past six months. This indicates the present demand for blockchain experts, who are still very scarce with an estimate of some 10,000’s professionals in the industry today. Hence the high salaries and big career opportunities that blockchain technology companies offer. But how can you find jobs in blockchain technology companies?

How to Find Jobs in Blockchain Technology Companies Money

The following tips will help you find jobs in blockchain technology companies.

1. Go to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain events

You can increase your success of finding blockchain job opportunities by attending Bitcoin, Ethereum or Blockchain events. During these events, like-minded people assemble to discuss the industry’s new innovations, current problems and to develop new ideas. For job seekers, such events are the perfect platform to network.

Networking is very important in this blockchain community, in which hiring can take place through word of mouth. Furthermore, founders of startups are busy people and they often lack the time to source for new team members by listing jobs online. Also, the blockchain community is tightly knit, as most blockchain startups and projects comprise of people who previously knew each other before joining forces.

To discover upcoming events or conferences where you can find jobs in blockchain technology companies, check the following websites: and

How to Find Jobs in Blockchain Technology Companies Money Events

2. Stay up to date with Venture Capital (VC) funding for blockchain companies

Venture funding is a type of equity, used to fund emerging blockchain companies with high potential for growth. They have taken place in the blockchain industry since 2012, with over 300 million USD raised in 2016. After a funding round, a big part of the money is used to hire more employees and scale more quickly.

For instance, after Coinbase raised 100 m on 10th June 2016, which was one of the largest funding rounds in the blockchain industry, the number of job offers from the company has strongly increased. You can find an overview of new career opportunities at Coinbase:

To view this year’s blockchain VC funding go to


3. Stay up to date of new blockchain projects

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are public financial instruments that are used by new blockchain startups to raise money. During this process, which generally takes a few weeks but may continue for several months, investors buy the coins or tokens that will often run the decentralized applications.

Startups running an ICO only require a white paper detailing the mechanism of the new blockchain application that they are proposing to create. No running early versions of the application or beta programs are required. Although ICOs are also risky investments, as they are still unregulated and most startups fail, they are a good indicator for jobseekers looking for jobs in blockchain technology companies.

Why? The ICO provides the money required to develop beta versions of the new blockchain applications, which means new engineers, business developers and growth hackers need to be hired. Therefore, you should consider applying for these golden opportunities.

In 2017, new blockchain startups are set to offer their ICOs to the public. You can view the full list of expected blockchain ICOs at, or These sites have links to the landing page of the new startups. Visit the sites of the projects you like, get their contacts and find or request job opportunities.

4. Check our selection of blockchain job opportunities

Do you have the talent and the skills required for jobs in Blockchain technology? Then has you covered. On our site, we gather job postings from blockchain companies that are actively looking for new employees.

You can find jobs all over the word in different fields. The biggest category with over 50% of the job postings are opportunities for blockchain developers with posts from Coinbase, R3, Digital Asset and others. Furthermore, there are also career paths for business, finance, marketing and human resource professionals.

Everything you need to know about jobs in Blockchain technology is available on the job page. For instance, the location of each company and a short description of the job are given. You can also specifically look for blockchain career opportunities by region, with multiple opportunities in London, San Francisco, and New York. Plus more cities around the world such as Korea, and places you never heard of, like Bratislava.

With new posts, each day, BLOCKCHAINJOBZ makes it easier for you to find jobs in blockchain technology. Just drop your email and name on our Get Hired page and sit back as we help you find a job at the hottest blockchain companies.